Monthly Archives: November 2017

Decorating without Damage

Although it hardly seems possible that Christmas is nearly upon us, we know that many of you are thinking about putting up lights and other decorations on your home. We love seeing those decorations as much as anyone else, but we always cringe when we see some of these mistakes homeowners make that lead to… Continue Reading

Understanding Roof Replacement Elements

We’ve written blogs before about your roofing system and understanding what the different parts of your roof are, and how they work. We’ve never really explained all the elements of your roof replacement and why it’s more than just installing new shingles. To help you understand what makes up the entire roof and, in many… Continue Reading

Considerations for an Exterior Home Makeover

You love your home but it’s lost some of the beauty it had when you first moved in. No matter how long you’ve lived in your home, you want to be able to take pride in how it looks. You know you need a roof replacement, but what else can you do to make your… Continue Reading