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Updating Your Home with an Exterior Remodeling Company

We’re more apt to notice signs of aging inside our home rather than outside. The dishwasher may stop working and your walls may have some dents and dings. Not to mention that the colors are dated. Have you looked at your home’s exterior the same way? You can make changes to your home’s exterior and… Continue Reading

How Your Grill Causes Damage to Your Home

As we head into the end of summer, you might be planning a barbecue. Do you know the recommendations by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for your grill? One of their recommendations is intended to help prevent fire damage to your home and it reads: “Never use a grill indoors. Use the grill at… Continue Reading

Tips to Keep Your Siding Looking its Best

Siding is a common material for the exterior of many homes in Greensboro. Common materials are vinyl, aluminum, wood, and fiberboard. No matter what yours is made of, it takes a little work each year to keep it looking its best. Well maintained siding looks great and lasts longer than that which is neglected. Follow… Continue Reading