What Window Mold May Mean in Your Home

When you see mold or mildew growing around your windows you may think, “Gross, let me clean that up.” Cleaning it up is a good idea, but even better is to figure out why there is mold growth around your windows and get to the root of the problem. Mold or mildew on your window… Continue Reading

Your Tenants and Your Building’s Roof

Your tenant count on you to properly maintain your building. The roof of your building keeps your tenants employees, inventory, customers, and equipment safe and dry,. If your commercial roofing isn’t well maintained, and you know it, you may be liable for their losses. When you have a commercial roofing company you trust who performs… Continue Reading

3 Reasons Your Should Choose Architectural Shingles

Although there are many roofing materials available for your home or business, in Winston-Salem roofing is most often asphalt shingles. If you’re talking to a roofer about a roof replacement and are trying to decide on the right shingle for your home, you should consider architectural style shingles over traditional 3-tab shingles. They are a… Continue Reading

Three Reasons a Siding Company Should Handle Your Installation

Installing siding doesn’t look all that complex, but it’s not something you should do yourself or trust to a handyman. Siding manufactures train installers on best practices to provide the right installation. They have the right tools and handle all the paperwork that comes with a siding installation. Training We’re not saying that siding installation… Continue Reading

Frustrated by Window Condensation? There are Solutions.

Not every case of window condensation requires replacement windows. There are completely explainable reasons for it and ways to prevent it sometimes. Over time, window condensation leads to mold, bubbling paint, and warped window sills, which can be frustrating and sometimes costly to repair. Why Does Condensation Occur? There are three places condensation can occur.… Continue Reading

Why You Should Keep Your Roof Clean

As you drive through your neighborhood, what elements of your neighbor’s home do you notice? Likely the nice landscaping, a front door with a nice decoration, and roofs that are streaked and stained. We notice things that look great and things that look terrible. Curb appeal may be an aesthetic reason to keep your roof… Continue Reading

Roofing Innovations That Help Your Roof Last

There’s no arguing that technology around us has changed quickly in the past several decades. Did you know that even asphalt shingles have evolved greatly in that same time? In fact, there are three elements of your roofing system that have improved dramatically making for a longer lasting roof. 1.      Shingles Since your shingles are… Continue Reading

Siding Trends for 2018

If 2018 is the year you’re going to move forward with your exterior home makeover, you want to know the latest siding trends. Roofing, siding, and windows all have more color options from which to choose than ever before. The key to making your home stand out for all the right reasons is picking colors… Continue Reading

You Can Choose Who Handles Your Insurance Claim

Some of you have contacted us to handle your storm damage insurance claim. We work with all types of insurance and are working through the repairs and replacements for many homeowners. One troubling thing we’re hearing as we follow up, is that some of you are being misled by other local roofers. Know that it… Continue Reading

It’s a Great Time to Consider New Windows

If you’ve been wondering about replacement windows and want to know when is a good time, the simple answer is anytime. If you’re at a point where your current windows aren’t performing or functioning as they should, consider new windows. There really is no bad time to install them other than driving rain. Why Now?… Continue Reading