Installing Solar? Consider a Roof Replacement First

If you’re considering a solar electric system for your roof, you should consider a roof replacement before having the panels installed. Your solar company may even make this recommendation and offer a referral to a roofing company. This isn’t some big plan to profit even more off of you, they may be trying to save you… Continue Reading

Choosing the Right Roof Color for Your Roof Replacement

Unless you’re in a deed restricted neighborhood where you must choose a specific roof color, you have many options for your roof replacement. So many in fact, some homeowners get overwhelmed with the options. Here are some tips to help you and your roofing contractor come to the right decision for your roof replacement. Your… Continue Reading

Do I Really Need New Windows?

Since it seems that practically every time you turn on the tv there is a commercial for a window replacement company trying to sell you new windows you may have asked yourself that question. Perhaps you’re considering it and wondering if new windows are the right investment for your home. Here are some tips that… Continue Reading

Understanding the Elements of Your Roofing System – Part 2

If you read part one of our two part blog series about the different parts of your roofing system, you have gained a small understanding of the details of your roof repair or roof replacement quote. If you missed it, click here. Today we’ll finish with the terms that your local roofing company may use… Continue Reading

Understanding the Elements of Your Roofing System – Part 1

The most visible part of your roofing system are your shingles. When they begin to age, it’s a sign that other parts of your roof may be too. Understanding the different parts of your roofing system will help you understand a roof replacement quote from your local roofing company. The primary components of your roof… Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Local Roofing Company

If you’ve done an online search you realize that there are many companies claiming to be local roofers. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to put up a website after a storm and buy a disposable cell phone and start marketing yourself as a local roofing company. There are things you can do to protect yourself… Continue Reading

3 Ways GAF® is a Responsible Steward for the Environment

3 Ways GAF® is a Responsible Steward for the Environment

At Cooley Roofing and Construction, one of the reasons we chose to carry GAF® products is because this brand shares our environmental sustainability goals. Beyond installing long-lasting roofing systems, our companies agree that careful stewardship of nature is the secret to making the world a better place for generations. Continue Reading

3 Ways Cooley Roofing Meets Homeowner Expectations

3 Ways Cooley Roofing Meets Homeowner Expectations

  Remodeling or renovating your home can be a daunting process because it’s a major investment of your time, resources, and energy. It’s important to work with a contractor who can help you throughout the process. Cooley Roofing explains the things homeowners expect during the remodeling process and the ways we meet those expectations. Continue Reading