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Age of Your Home and Your Roofing – Part 2

In Part 1 of our two part blog about the age of your home and your roofing, we talked about homes less than 20 years old and the roof. Today’s blog covers older homes as there are significant differences when it comes to a roof replacement with an older roof. We’ll make the same disclaimer… Continue Reading

Age of Your Home and Your Roofing – Part 1

If you’ve lived in Winston-Salem or Greensboro for more than a few years, you’ve seen the growth. New developments, roads, and schools seem to be popping up regularly. If you look at US Census data, this isn’t a new trend. In fact, our area has more than doubled in population since the 1950’s. In the… Continue Reading

Renovation Projects the Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

There are many reasons you may decide to begin a home improvement project. The most common is the need for new roofing due to age or deterioration of your current roof, but new roofing is just one of the ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Roof Repair and Replacement Of course, a new… Continue Reading