Monthly Archives: March 2018

Spring Siding Maintenance

Hopefully winter is really over and we can begin to spend some time outside. As you start to put together your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget the exterior of your home. If your home has siding, you want to do a check to make sure it’s still in good condition and then clean it. Over… Continue Reading

Things to Know Before Your Window Replacement

If you’re considering working with a window installer for window replacement, you have some prep work to do before they arrive. You want your windows installed quickly, efficiently, and safely so take the time to follow the checklist your window installer gave you. If they didn’t provide one, here are some things you should do… Continue Reading

The Roof Replacement Process; How Roofing Contractors Work

In part one of our two-part blog series on how roofing contractors work, we covered the estimate through the materials delivery. If you missed part 1, click here. Today we’re going to cover the rest of the process, starting with installation. Installation Depending on the scope of your roof replacement and the size of your… Continue Reading

The Roof Replacement Process; How Roofing Companies Work

If you’re looking for a roof replacement, you may wonder what to expect. Today starts a two-part blog about what to expect when you contact roofing companies for your new roof. Not all steps are exactly the same with all roofing companies, but for the most part, this is the process. It’s generally the same… Continue Reading