Replacement Siding from Cooley Roofing and Construction

replacement siding from Cooley Roofing and Construction

Siding is a highly visible element of your home but it also serves the important purpose of keeping your home protected from the elements. If your siding isn’t looking good or functioning as it should, Cooley Roofing and Construction can help with replacement siding.

Why Consider Replacing Your Siding

Replacing your siding is an investment in your home. If yours shows signs of age like cracking, uneven seams, warping, or even sections that are pulling away from your home’s exterior, it’s time to replace your siding. Its purpose is to protect your home and when its damaged, it’s not doing its job. Damaged siding can lead to water damage and pests can sneak in through small openings. Both of these can cause big problems to the structure, wiring, and the health of your family. Water leads to mold in the walls and deteriorating wood. Pests can chew wiring and live in your walls leaving their waste behind creating all sorts of problems.

Benefits of Replacement Siding

With new siding you will benefit by having previously hidden issues resolved. There are also several other benefits of new siding.

  • Increased curb appeal – Even if you’re not selling your home, having a home that looks great is something we all take pride in.
  • Better energy efficiency – Today’s siding is more energy efficient that that made even ten years ago. Even if the style or brand you choose isn’t insulated, you can add insulation during the siding installation and save money on utility costs year round.
  • Less maintenance – Many brands of vinyl siding require little to no maintenance. Unlike wood, you’ll never need to scrape or paint your vinyl.
  • Quieter – Many homeowners report an unexpected benefit of their new siding is that it’s quieter inside their home. This is due to two main reasons;  better insulation and because new siding is comes in longer board lengths both of which cut down on wind noises.

We offer several brands of siding to help you create the look you want for your home. Different options include different colors, board alignment, and coordinating textures and designs to really make your home stand out. If you’re ready to investigate replacement siding for your home, call Cooley Roofing and Construction for your free in home consolation at (336) 766-6488.